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  65. Some-Stack Engineer

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  80. An a11y extension coming to a browser near you

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  86. git-history

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  92. Any contribution to Open Source is valuable

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  95. What plugins, CMS etc. are using for your Gatsby powered blog?

  96. Take chances and stand out

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  98. scoped-style

  99. My 2018 Year in Review

  100. What kind of dev gift are you looking for these coming holidays?

  101. Microsoft is building a Chromium based browser! 😲

  102. Google to pay JavaScript frameworks to implement performance-first code

  103. Which units of measure do you use and why in CSS?

  104. Can you create the great Redux store?

  105. Setting up Storybook for Preact

  106. What do you wish you were better at?

  107. My Git Aliases

  108. What are/were your go to resources for learning Ruby and Rails?

  109. Would you contribute to a JavaScript OSS Project that uses static types?

  110. What are some concepts in TypeScript that you'd like to know more about?

  111. 10 Things I Regret About Node.js

  112. Explain what a monoid is Like I'm Five

  113. Liveshare for VS Code is Here!

  114. What's your tech stack?

  115. What is your on-boarding process at your company?

  116. What are your favourite programming katas sites?

  117. Reveal your macOS Secrets

  118. What's Your Favourite Cheat Sheets?

  119. Getting Started with Storybook for React

  120. ‪What E2E testing framework are you using?

  121. Do you use Static Typing in JavaScript?

  122. Are there plans for reviewers of articles we post?

  123. Probably another Battleship board on Code Pen

  124. Which Pi?

  125. A 💩 Notification Code Pen

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  133. Consider Using TypeScript

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  135. Hi, I'm Nick Taylor