Is 2019 the year of TypeScript?

This comment in the Jest repository,, has been floating around on the Twitterverse the past few days and seems to be garnering a lot of attention.

The fact that a Facebook project is migrating to TypeScript (TS) is kind of big deal considering they're also behind Flow, a direct competitor of TS.

Other prominent JS devs have been chiming in as well. Some with a little more cursing, so apologies in advance. 😉

Is this the final nail in the coffin for Flow? Is it another year where TypeScript adoption continues to rise and it becomes the Year of TypeScript?

There's even a horse_ts Twitter account now. It's not too hard to guess who it is, but I still find it pretty funny.

"So if you’ve been a holdout (like me, to be honest), 2019 is definitely the year to learn TypeScript.", KBall quote from

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