Showcase your Gatsby Site

Have you created a Gatsby site that you're proud of? It could be for a client or just your personal site. Either way, you can submit it to the Gatsby showcase.

It's pretty simple to do. Just follow the instructions [here]( In a nutshell, you fork Gatsby on GitHub and add your site details to their showcase configuration file. Once the PR is approved and merged, the next time they deploy the Gatsby site, your site will be in the list!

Gatsby Showcase Screenshot

As a bonus to doing this:

  • it's free publicity for you
  • it's a contribution to open source
  • become part of maintainers team for the Gatsby organization on GitHub
  • the Gatsby team gives you free swag for the PR. Who doesn't want Gatsby socks?!

Gatsby Socks

I'm under blogs in the showcase, but you can also go directly to [my site profile](

And for those interested, here's my site's source code full of TypeScript, React and Netlify CMS goodness.

Lenoardo DiCaprio in the Great Gatsby on giphy

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