My Hacktoberfest 2019

Like many of you, I am participating in Hacktoberfest as well. Most of the contributions I have made in October have been for DEV. Here are the PRs that have been merged so far:

The other PR that is still under review got merged is for the website.

The PR adds a precommit hook to format markdown files via prettier and as well, I ran prettier on all the markdown files as a lot of files had not run through prettier previously. Here is the link to the PR, All markdown files are properly formatted now

Although this is not from Hacktoberfest, the beauty of open source is that anyone can checkout what you are up to. I was super surprised and felt pretty good when Addy Osmani like one of my PRs for DEV.

I will probably contribute some more to the DEV codebase, but who knows, I may tackle an issue in another repository. YOLO.

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