Live Stream Schedule

  1. Making and Learning permalink

    Guest: Andy Piper, Tinkerer and DevRel Person
    Watch live on:

    Andy Piper joins Nick Taylor to discuss making, IoT messaging (MQTT), MicroPython and Mastodon.

  2. Getting Started with Storyblok permalink

    Guest: Cat Ballar, Dev Rel Engineer @ Storyblok

    Cat Ballar, developer advocate at Storyblok, joins the live stream to show us how to get up and running with Storyblok.

  3. Building with Ionic permalink

    Guest: Mike Hartington, Director of DevRel at Ionic

    Mike Hartington, Director of DevRel at Ionic, walks us through building apps with Ionic.

  4. HTML Videos on Canvas! permalink

    Guest: Shruti Kapoor, Software Engineer @ Slack

    Shruti Kapoor, Software Engineer at Slack, teaches us all about HTML videos on canvas.

  5. Open Source Data Labeling and Why it's Important permalink

    Guest: Erin Mikail Staples, Senior Community Developer Advocate

    Erin Mikail Staples, Senior Community Developer Advocate at Label Studio, will teach us all about open source data labeling and why it's important.

  6. Deceptive Patterns & the FAST framework permalink

    Guest: Todd Libby, Senior Accessibility Engineer

    Todd Libby, a seasoned Accessibility Engineer, explains the concept of deceptive design patterns and shares insights on how to ensure technology is accessible to all. He also sheds light on the Framework for Accessible Specification of Technologies (FAST) and its role in creating inclusive digital experiences.

  7. Intro to Wasp: Full stack development with React & Node.js permalink

    Guest: Matija Sosic, Core contributor to

    Matija Sosic, a core contributor to, provides an introduction to Wasp, a tool that allows for the development of full-stack web applications without/with less boilerplate. Although Wasp looks like another React meta-framework, it is a programming language (DSL).

  8. Let's build with Cloudinary! permalink

    Guest: Colby Fayock, Senior DX Engineer

    Colby Fayock,Senior DX Engineer at Cloudinary, will teach us all about Cloudinary while Nick and Colby build out something fun.

  9. Tigris Data permalink

    Guest: Michael Jolley, Bald Bearded Builder

    Michael Jolley, a.k.a. Bald Bearded Builder, gets us up to speed on Tigris Data, an open-source alternative to MongoDB Atlas.