Live Stream Schedule

  1. Leverage Data at the Edge with Turso permalink

    Guest: Glauber Costa, Founder/CEO at Turso
    Watch live on:

    Glauber Costa, Founder/CEO at Turso shows us how to leverage data at the edge with Turso.

  2. Full-Spectrum File Uploads permalink

    Guest: Austin Gil, Dev Advocate & Chiweenie Fanboi
    Watch live on:

    Austin Gil joins Nick Taylor to discuss how file uploads work across frontend, backend, and discuss architecture around them.

  3. Let's build something fun with XState, TypeScript and Next.js! permalink

  4. Write Code faster with ChatGPT permalink

    Guest: Matt McInnis, Developer at Typist
    Watch live on:

    Discover the secrets to accelerated coding with ChatGPT as Matt McInnis, developer at Typist, guides us through prompting techniques and demonstrates how to effectively provide context to ChatGPT.

  5. Origins, Workout & Code permalink

    Guest: Anna Nettles, Software Engineer Intern
    Watch live on:

    Anna Nettles, a Software Engineer Intern & Certified Personal Trainer, joins Nick to discuss her journey in tech, put Nick through a grinder of a workout 😅 and then they'll dig into some code.

  6. An Introduction to React Native and Expo permalink