This page details pretty much all I use as a developer. If you decide to make your own, consider adding it to that was created by Wes Bos. I use a Mac so most tools are macOS specific, but there are definitely some OS agnostic ones in the list as well. You might also be interested in My Mac Setup post although it is a little outdated.

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  • Vanilla - A great app for hiding icons in your menu bar
  • Rocket - Emojis, emojis
  • Raycast - Workflows, snippets, MacOS spotlight on steroids. I was previously using Alfred, another amazing Spotlight alternative.
  • Amphetamine - Prevent your Mac from going to sleep
  • f.lux - Be kind to your eyeballs
  • Fork - A great git GUI
  • Obsidian - Note Taking/My Second Brain
  • Docker Desktop - Because Docker
  • Sizzy - Test your app/site for various devices/screen resolutions
  • xScope - Awesome toolset for frontend development. Rulers, guides etc.
  • Dato - A better date app for MacOS.
  • iTerm - A better terminal for MacOS
  • Starship - A cross shell prompt
  • Giphy Capture - For creating animated GIFs and screenshares
  • Spotify - Because music.
  • Muzzle - A simple app for silencing notifications during screen sharing
  • Meeter - For joining meetings faster
  • OBS - For streaming on Twitch
  • Insomnia - For exploring REST and GraphQL APIs
  • Descript - For editing my Twitch streams so they can be published to YouTube.
  • Webcam Settings - Helps me prevent my Logitech webcam from losing focus. I also use it to Zoom in my webcam.

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Also, for those interested, here’s a big list I made for Frontend Developer Resources. Some of the things mentioned above are probably already in this list.

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