10 Things I Regret About Node.js

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Photo courtesy of flickr user Trygve Lie.

The creator of Node JS, Ryan Dahl, recently gave a talk at JSConf EU 2018 titled "10 Things I Regret About Node.js"

It's a great talk about Node and he also goes into some details about his new project Deno, a secure TypeScript runtime on V8.

Here's some of the things he regrets:

  • dynamic languages are great for certain things. In a server though, you want things to be statically typed. (Probably why he wrote Deno in TypeScript and Go)
  • design mistakes:
    • didn't stick with Promises in Node (in the beginning), keeping them could have sped up async/await development.
    • security
    • Build system (GYP)
    • package.json

Even Brendan Eich chimed in

Give it a watch. I'm curious what everyone's thoughts are.

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