Assignment #1: Getting Started with micro:bit

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The micro:bit Educational Foundation is an awesome initiative that was created by a UK-based not for profit organization with the goal of getting everyone to learn to code. micro:bits are small pieces of hardware that you can program and it's a lot of fun.

Most people I know are at home with their children due to COVID-19 at the moment, so I thought this would be a fun activity that your child or your child and you can do. Even as an adult, it's quite a lot of fun. 😃

Microsoft has a project associated with micro:bit called [MakeCode]( editor) that is an online editor that also includes a micro:bit emulator. If you don't own the hardware yet, the emulator is a great tool to start with.

I created my kid's first assignment tomorrow and thought it would be fun to post it here.

The Assignment permalink

Make a tiny game called the Random Dot Game.

Starting the Game permalink

When the game starts, show the word “Hi”

Pressing the A Button permalink

If you press the A button, show one LED light on the grid if the X position (horizontal position) is not equal to four. However, if the X position of the LED is equal to four, show a heart icon. Feel free to use a different number. I just happened to pick four.

Note: The grid positions go from 0-4 for the X and Y positions.

Pressing the B Button permalink

If you press the B button, it ends the game and shows the words “GAME OVER” and then shows the word “Hi” so the game can start over.

micro:bit Blocks Required for this Project permalink

Below are all the micro:bit blocks required to build the game. If you are not sure what a Microbit-block does, check out their help,

micro:bit blocks required for the assignment

Demo and Solution permalink

Here is the demo. It includes the answer so make sure that you've clicked on the Simulator tab so that your child does not see the answer.

Have fun! Until the next assignment. 👋🏻

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