Looking for Great Headphones

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I've generally been working with cheap headphones. I currently have a pair of MPow H7 headphones. They're not bad for a non-audiophile, but I am not fooling myself into thinking these are premium noise-cancelling headphones.

I have never considered a high-end set of headphones because I've broken every pair I've ever owned at some point. I'd like to think I'm a little more careful these days with them though, so I think it's time to grab a solid upgrade.

I'm looking for Bluetooth, noise-cancelling, great sound and ideally a great built-in microphone. An optional wired option would be nice as well. Ideally, I would like to spend no more than 350$ USD. It's a chunk of change, but I'm in it for the long haul with whichever headphones I decide on.

I'm going to throw out a couple here that I might consider, but I'd love to hear peoples suggestions as I've only begun my research.


Photo by Frank Septillion on Unsplash

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