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Everyone has their favourite aliases for git and the shell. I have written about my git aliases before but not my shell aliases.

It is not a long list, but I have some that I find useful that you may find useful as well. Currently, my preferred shell is zsh. Here is what I currently have in my config.

alias zshconfig='vi $HOME/.zshrc'
alias rimraf='rm -rf'
alias flushdns='sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder'
alias y='yarn' # I am lazy, one character FTW. YOLO
alias ni='npm install'
alias nr='npm run'
alias g='git'
alias code='code-insiders'

alias edge='/Applications/Microsoft\ Edge\\ Edge\ Beta --remote-debugging-port=2015'
alias chrome='/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --remote-debugging-port=9222'i

crat() {
        npx create-react-app $1 --typescript

The edge and chrome aliases are useful to me because I like to use VS Code when debugging. Having the browsers start up with remote debugging makes that process easier.

What's in your shell aliases?

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