Not Captain Obvious

— 5 minute read

I've been reading @swyx's book "The Career Coding Handbook". It launched on July 1st. Although I am not finished the book, I have thoroughly been enjoying it so far.

I'm at a point in the book where the focus is about writing. One of the references is to the chapter Obvious to you. Amazing to others. from Derek Sivers book "Hell yeah or no".

I related to this, because like many, I debate whether I should write about something that is probably obvious, or that I think is obvious.

So of course I Tweeted that out.

Hint, it may be obvious to a subset of people, but not everyone, so there is definitely an audience.

This sense that things are obvious is so prevalent, that created the character Captain Obvious, a hilarious character in their commercials. Also, it helped me make a great title for this post. 😎

Ben has posted about this before as well.