What is your on-boarding process at your company?

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Where I'm currently at, like most companies, we're always looking to improve our on-boarding process for new developers. When I started working there, I tried to document anything that was missing in regards to the on-boarding I received.

Documenting things is so important and for someone new coming on to a team, this is invaluable.

Aside from that, we have some scripting to get tooling set up for a dev, and since we use bots as a medium for conversational marketing, part of the on-boarding is to create your own 🤖.

One thing we're still working on is automating the setup of a complete local dev environment. My awesome co-worker, @magellol has been working on this, and I'm looking forward to us having this in our on-boarding toolbelt.

I'm curious about the on-boarding process that exists at the companies you work at. I don't think on-boarding processes at any company are perfect, but it'd be interesting to know what you do so that others could potentially improve their own on-boarding processes.

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