This page details pretty much all I use as a developer. If you decide to make your own, consider adding it to that was created by Wes Bos. I use a Mac so most tools are macOS specific, but there are definitely some OS agnostic ones in the list as well.


Chrome/Brave/Firefox Browser Extensions

Desktop Apps

  • Vanilla - A great app for hiding icons in your menu bar
  • Rocket - Emojis, emojis
  • Alfred - Workflows, snippets, MacOS spotlight on steroids
  • Amphetamine - Prevent your Mac from going to sleep
  • f.lux - Be kind to your eyeballs
  • Fork - A great git GUI
  • Bear - Awesome note taking app
  • Better Touch Tool - Add extra gestures to your mouse/trackpad
  • Docker Desktop - Because Docker
  • Sizzy - Test your app/site for various devices/screen resolutions
  • xScope - Awesome toolset for frontend development. Rulers, guides etc.
  • Dato - A better date app for MacOS.
  • iTerm - A better terminal for MacOS
  • Kap - Screen shares GIFs
  • Spectacle - Awesome windows management for MacOS
  • Spotify - Because music.
  • Gimp - An alternative to Photoshop.

Additional Resources

Also, for those interested, here’s a big list I made for Frontend Developer Resources. Some of the things mentioned above are probably already in this list.

Office Setup